Speakeasy bar located in Kuala Lumpur. A game where poche is excavated from neo-platonic decomposition. 


St. Stephen's Domes is a work of speculative fiction which juxtaposes the durability of the monument with the ephemerality of the internet. Replicas of St. Stephen’s Dome are inserted into new locations, sites contested by their IP location or Google Earth. Each new mise-en-scene is then processed through internet driven microgenres. Microgenres, such as bloghouse, vaporwave, and seapunk, often only exist in hindsight, unbeknownst to mainstream or even subculture. Once discovered, they reveal a remarkable cohesiveness in their litany of descriptors. If ancient monuments are universal and non-specific, shouldn’t the contemporary monument be brief and hyper-specific?

Project team: Khorshid Naderi-Azad, Morgan Starkey