Max Kuo publishes his essay “Architectural Things: From Verbs to Nouns” in the 25th anniversary issue of Pidgin (Princeton University School of Architecture)

Max Kuo serves as session chair for “Decompose, Recompose” at the ACSA 107th Annual Conference in Pittsburgh. Presenters include Erik Herrmann, Michael Jefferson and Suzanne Lettieri, Cristoph Korner, and Dylan Krueger

Max Kuo is an invited panel speaker for “Asia Design: Perspectives from Fashion and Architecture” for the 2019 Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR). Fellow panel speakers include Wen Zhou (CEO of 3.1 Phillip Lim) and Dingliang Yang (Preliminary Research Office)

Max Kuo’s book review on Possible Mediums goes live on The Architect’s Newspaper website

Max Kuo presents new projects as an invited speaker for “Art in _in Design” salon series organized by China GSD and Garlic. Location: Gund Hall, Room 124

Max Kuo will begin teaching at Tongji University, College of Architecture and Urban Planning. His studio, New Mall City, A Cavalier Plan, will explore the gargantuan scale of Asian mixed-use shopping centers with a special interest in Chinese landscape painting as a novel method of urban form making and isovist mischief.

After a delinquent hiatus, ALLTHATISSOLID website is finally relaunched.

ATIS is currently developing a concept for a 7 acre mixed-use town center outside of Kuala Lumpur. Faux urbanism, miniaturization, eclectic facsimiles are some of the tactics which offer promise of an authentic exurban experience.