Speakeasy bar located in Kuala Lumpur. A game where poche is excavated from neo-platonic decomposition. 


PLUSHSCAPE   Invited to participate in Seoul Museum of Art’s exhibition Interspace Dialogue, architects were asked to design installational seating elements for the viewing of avant-garde short films, using materials with a minimal waste stream. Our design is an immersive, tactile landscape woven from bujikpo a textile used for barricading construction sites. The installation antagonizes the black box, agitating and amplifying the somatic conditions of the spectator’s body.

Project team: Baek Dae Hwa, Choi Yeong Hwa, Hong Eungyu, Jeon Ha Kyeong, Jung Joo Eun, Kim Boram, Kim Ryun Hee, Park Jae Hyeon, Park Kyeong Hoon, Shin Ho Jin, Son Jae Hee, Kim Sol Kee